Washing Machine Technologies

Washing machines have become very popular among the consumers due to the high utility value they have in the hectic lifestyles of modern society. Moreover machines have become affordable to all segments of the society irrespective of the economic status. They differ in sizes, models and characteristics. In the course of time, changes have taken place in the form and content of the washer machines. Most innovative technologies could effect qualitative changes in the modern machines to make them more and more consumer oriented.

For instance ‘Sixth Sense’ is one such state-of-the-art technology incorporated in some models of the machines. The name itself indicates the special characteristics of the technology. An element of common sense is inducted into the system adding a new dimension to the capabilities of the machine. Built-in sensors are provided to measure the load, water temperature and spin speed. The automatic controls apply ‘common sense’ to regulate various inputs. ‘Fuzzy Logic’ is another technology which works in the same direction to make the machine completely automatic.

In the conventional washer machines the user has to decide about the load (of course within allowable limits), water temperature, spin speed, quantity of detergent to be used etc. It is therefore necessary to monitor the working of the machine throughout. Variations in the above mentioned factors may occur due to human error and consequently excess energy and materials will have to be utilized. New technologies eliminated human factor. Sensors and monitors which are computerized determine the various inputs necessary, thus avoiding wastage.

The energy saving is a remarkable achievement. Similarly use of materials like detergents, softeners etc can be minimized. Apart from the above, quality of the water will also be monitored. bosch 6.5 kg washing machine Hardness in water will be detected by monitors. It is to be pointed out that hardness of water will cause damage to both machine and clothes. The time required to complete washing and drying processes will also be determined by the machine, thanks to the in-built sixth sense. In some models sensors are provided to determine the quality of the detergents as well as the temperature of water to suit the texture of the clothes loaded. Another innovative technology adopted in the modern washing machines is the Air Refresh option which involves inducting fresh air into the system and heating the same. Washing and drying are done by using hot air and steam.

Washing machine technology is in a fast forward mode. Many innovative designs and features are now available to make the product more user friendly. Efforts are continued to make modern washing machines eco friendly also. Hazards from heat and noise are completely eliminated. Statutory energy labels indicating the levels of energy efficiency is a feature that addresses the environmental concerns of the contemporary world.

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